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Dartmouth is changing.

Its bright future depends on respecting its past, building on its strengths, and working to fix the shortcomings of Dartmouth today.

After living here for almost three decades, I’ve seen how we succeed when our expertise and our talents have been brought together in collaboration.

If I’m an expert in anything, it’s in knowing where to find Dartmouth’s best ideas and abilities, and knowing how to bring them together.

I want to hear your ideas, concerns and hopes and use what I learn to work for an even brighter Dartmouth tomorrow.

Here are some of my ideas for shaping Dartmouth’s future:

Smart Development

We need to support a Dartmouth Centre where everyone is welcome and able to thrive. We can encourage this by:

Support for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the life-blood of our community. We need to support them by:

Better Mobility

Transit needs to be fast, frequent and reliable. People need to feel safe when they’re walking or riding their bike. We need to make it easier to get around without a car, so that when we do need to drive, we aren’t stuck going nowhere. We can improve all our commutes by:

Investment in Culture and Heritage

Dartmouth has a rich history and a vibrant arts scene. Our local culture needs to be supported by:

Protection for Our Lakes and Waterways

We’re the City of Lakes. They provide recreation and the opportunity to experience nature in the centre of our city. We need to protect our lakes by:

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